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Some available items are: 8- to 10 complete 68/69 390 engines some assembled, 3 or 4 complete 70 390 engines, 1 NOS 401 block still in original AMC crate, 1 complete 401 engine with heads off, 3 or 4 additional 390 blocks Contact Dan Curtis by email or Telephone : 602 317 2018

Click here to see a more detailed parts list!
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All information is inserted chronologically and listed in order by the most current entry and the history follows below.
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It is worth restating that we purchased these parts from someone with a signficant physical injury and financial hardship that has resulted in their inability to sell and ship the parts themselves. More imporantly, we actually paid the individual 50% more than he was initially asking for the parts based on our estimate of the value of the parts on the open market. We have also committed to return back to him at least half of the excess profits above our significant out of pocket costs for the purchase and transport of the parts to the Phoenix area in the event we (hopefully) recover our initial cost outlay.

We are also helping the individual sell a couple of AMXs and a nice 68 Ambassador V-8 car and have already committed to purchase a couple of other cars at his asking price. We currently have an exceptionally nice black on red 390 AMX here in Phoenix up for sale and when that car sells, we will bring another one into the area to sell until all the cars are gone. It is likely that most, if not all of the cars for sale will sell for greater than the owner's asking price in this larger market than where he lives in the northern Arizona region. ALL proceeds from the sale of all cars will go directly back to the seller regardless of our added costs to transport and sell the cars in this market.

It will literally take a couple of months to go through everything we picked up but here is a summary of what we know we have at this time.

- 8-10 complete 68/69 390 engines, some assembled, some disassembled
- 3 or 4 complete 70 390 engines
- 1 NOS 401 block still in original AMC crate
- 1 complete 401 engine with heads off
- 3 or 4 additional 390 blocks
- 1 additional 360 block
- 1 complete 70 360 4 barrel engine
- 1 complete 290 4 barrel engine
- 1 complete and excellent running 1967 232 six with automatic transmission (tranny is slow to go into gear but works, may just be low on fluid)
- complete AC setup for American (underdash unit damaged and will need at least new outer housing)
- all year heads for 390s and 401 (at least 10-12 sets), some with machine work completed some just as they were when they were removed
- 20 or more crankshafts both forged and cast for various 360, both 390s and 401s
- well over a dozen sets of NOS cast and forged pistons for 360, both 390s and 401 from standard bore to .060 over bore
- at least 10 sets of 68/69 rods, some already reconditioned, some as they were removed from the engines they were removed from
- multiple power steering pumps for multiple years
- dozens of brake calipers from early to late styles
- a minimum of 5 or 6 R4Bs for 68/69 and at least 6 70 and up R4Bs (most not slotted)
- 1 or 2 Offy 360 intakes and 2 or 3 Offy 360 dual port intakes
- 1 Edlebrock Torker for 1970 and up
- 1 at least one of each stock 68/69 and 70 steel intake
- 1 ultra rare Machine intake prototype intake
- 2-3 of each Carter AFBs for 4665S and 4664S in various stages of rebuild requirements (4664s' may already be spoken for)
- close to or over a dozen AFBs from other makes to be used as donors (same internals as 4664s)
- NOS BW M-12 Automatic
- 2 or 3 complete T-10s and one parts T-10
- multiple T-10 and M11/M12 rebuild kits
- 10-12 NOS tranny mounts
- a couple of dozen intake gasket sets including valley pan
- pulleys and brackets of all types
- at least 3 sets of high flow exhaust manifolds and a couple of sets of each style log style exhaust manifolds
- NOS 72 401 carb
- multiple wide wiper washer fluid bags, some with electric motor, some with hose for foot pump
- multiple air cleaner tubs for all variations from 6 cylinder through 401 including a number of excellent full size chrome and painted lids that can be cut down to become a SC or 70 Ram Air lid.
- seat belts of all types and colors and complete red cut pile carpet set for 70 AMX
- Arm rests, sun visors, door panels, side interior panels, dash trim pieces, switch gear and knobs, cigarette lighters, ash trays, sail panels with lights of all types and models
- exterior emblems, tail lights, head light doors and cups, window and door sill bright trim for AMXs, Javelins, Rogues, Rebels, Matador
- NOS Rebel grill
- NOS later model Hornet front bumper
- NOS American or Rogue chrome tail light
- 70 AMX tail lights and tail light housings
- original early 4 speed shifters and later hurst 4 speed shifters
- Multiple AMX and Javelin hoods, door, front fenders and trunk deck lids including both doors, one front fender and rear spoiler for a BBO Donahue
- 1 set each of NOS and rust free used American/Rogue front fenders
- at least 2 sets of American/Rogue post car doors (same as sedan with post bolted to door)
- 1 NOS and 2 very good used SC Hoods. 1 very good used Rebel Machine hood.
- 2 or maybe even 3 full sets of Magnum 500 wheels that use trim rings
- 7 or 8 later model Javelin/AMC ralley wheels
- 1 late model AMX cast wheel
- 3 very good rear American/Rogue bumper cores, one or tow very good front bumper cores
- 5 or 6 AMX rear bumper cores and at least one or two front bumper cores all in fair to good shape with a couple in excellent shape
- NOS brake shoes, pads and brake drums of most sizes
- clutch pressure plates and clutch discs in good used condition to good core condition (for rebuild or cores exchanges)
- flywheels, auto tranny flexplates and harmonic balancers for most engine sizes
- trunions (some NOS), tie rods (NOS), ball joints (NOS), various front end bushings, front coil springs, gas shocks for most small bodies cars like American, Rogue, AMX, Javelin
- drive shafts, for most small bodies cars like American, Rogue, AMX, Javelin and full size body cars like Rebel or Matador
- NOS red center dash piece for AMX or Javelin with no holes for AMX or Javelin insignia
- very good used Javelin and another AMX wood grain 70 glove box door
- very good condition 68/69 AMX glove boxes,
- complete and partial wiring harness for 68, 69 and 70 AMXs
- full wiring harness for 67 American/Rogue
- too many other various and sundry interior, exterior and body parts such as door pulls, door handles, interior lock releases, gauge clusters, gauge surrounds (for Americans, Rogues and AMXs), bumper guards, interior and exterior lights, starters, solenoid, vacuum controls, heater valves, rocker panel moldings, trim pieces, rub strips, you name it!

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